Architectural builds

We’re in the business of building dream homes.

We see the uniqueness in every build. We like to go beyond the drawings to really understand what our client wants, to find ways to elevate a project from a great design to a remarkable home.

Building new architectural houses in Christchurch requires laser focus and attention to detail. No project is quite the same as another, from hill builds with difficult access to materials that have never been used before – this is the work we know and love.

At LM Architectural Builders, we bring a wealth of building knowledge to each of our projects. We’ll work closely with you and your architect in the early design phase to get a sense of what you like and what you need, and how we can deliver the best home within your budget.

For us, it’s not just about the end product. We look for opportunities in every design and build to fine tune the project vision, to make the most out of the budget.  We have a knack for adding flair to help shape award-winning homes

We utilise the experience of our quantity surveyors, our landscapers and interior designers to create a high end, bespoke home perfectly suited to your lifestyle. Our handpicked team of builders and subcontractors will share your passion for your project. We’ll be there to offer advice, counsel, to shift that pendant light by a millimetre so it’s just right.

Let’s build your dream home together.

Architectural Builders Christchurch