Quantity surveying

We’re invested in keeping your project on track – and on budget.

At LM Architectural Builders, we’ve realised the best way to ensure our clients love their build is to alleviate as much stress as possible. Quantity surveying is an investment we make early in the design and build process, to bring you peace of mind about the project direction and the budget from the get go.

As specialists in complex hill builds and architectural builds in Christchurch, we know how important it is to confirm costs at the start of a project. Our Quantity Surveyor will assess every detail of the build thoroughly to confirm the correct cost. By working with clients during the planning stage, we’re able to complete crucial cost checks to make sure a project will be delivered on budget.

In establishing the cost of your build from the outset, we can find more cost effective ways to achieve your desired look. Changing materials or construction methods can shave valuable dollars off a build, or give you the means to invest in a feature you love that was previously out of reach.