Hill sites

We bring the seemingly impossible to life.

At LM Architectural Builders, we use our excellent workmanship, communication skills and experience to tackle the most complex of projects.

We’ll work with you to turn your great design into an extraordinary home. We can find new ways to capture beautiful views, or create retaining walls to add space and gardening opportunities.

We know how to handle Canterbury hill sites. With difficult access, exploding blue or volcanic rock, intricate drainage design or an imposing retaining wall, hill builds in Christchurch are tricky and daunting … that’s why we love them.

Take a look at our award-winning work on a classic Canterbury hill site

We can help you select a section that will offer the best views and orientation for sun and wind. We’re on hand to offer advice on the design and materials, or to suggest an experienced architect we’re confident will nail your job. By working with you early in the planning process, we’ll be able to accurately cost complex drawings. 

If you’re already underway and need a builder to get the job done, we’re on board to work with you and your chosen architect or designer.

Architectural Hill Builds